Guintinua Island

Guintinua Island

The shorelines of Philippine have the finest white sand coastlines on earth and deliberate as some of the many vacationer destinations. If you’re planning to journey and cannot decide where to go, the Philippines is an superb place for you.

Calaguas, Camarines Norte     located within the northern a part of the Bicol, having the charming island of Guintinua. It is specified as a group of islands within the Camarines Norte region that comprise Maculabo Island, , the good identified Tinaga Island as well as different minor islands and also islet. Guintinua is famend for its improved white sand beach and nice, turquoise waters. The Guintinua Island is visited by vacationers, most commonly for camping as good as water events. Considered previously as the Hidden Gem of Camarines Norte. Regardless of the developments as well as commercialization, Guintinua remains very appealing to most locals and vacationers

The seaside remains uncommercialized and by no means visited by using many tourists. However measured as among the most appealing shorelines within the Philippines. It has a truly white/pinkish quality sand, that each time you step, you could consider you are walk on flour. Aside from journeying the lovely seashore, undoubtedly, there are 2 different getaway that you just would discuss with. Like a cave and in case you have ample time you do snorkeling on chosen close via caves and take images with the corals as well as fishes. Aside from the caves that you would be able to go to the fish pen or fish safe haven. There is no charge when touring the location but it surely’s a just right thought to buy fish meals and experience feeding them.

There’s a purpose why Guintinua Island is mark by using most backpackers as “the Paradise”.  Sun or sans the solar, the Island presents mighty views.  Preserving your digital camera in your bag is pointless due to the fact there’s a camera-necessary sight in your each step.

June is warmest with an average temperature of 33.7 °C at midday. February is coldest with an usual temperature of 24.7 °C at night time. Guintinua Island has no one-of-a-kind temperature seasons, the temperature is moderately steady throughout the year. The temperatures do not differ a lot between day and night.

In winter there may be some days it freezes, overall winters are slight in temperature, with the coldest month most more commonly being December. April is on typical the month with most sunshine. The moist season has a rainfall top around October, the dry season is across the month of April. As a rule a clear night sky just isn’t polluted by means of mild from unnatural sources, it makes looking at stars easy at night time.

In the end, Guintinua Island facets wonderful dawn and famend for its accelerated super white sand seaside. . It used to be cool and very picturesque view. The colour of the water was like painted in a canvass. It was once very saturated aqua blue clear water. Unlike after we have been on the center of the ocean, the water used to be very placid. Guintinua Island is much less crowded and now not as so much busy in comparison with different fashionable islands like Boracay or Palawan.

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