Guintinua Island

Welcome to Paradise – Guintinua Island

Philippines islands and seashores are … Heaven. Paradise. wonderful. No kidding. You infrequently discovered higher seashores inside the international than there. The queen of all the beaches might be White seashore in Guintinua, continually rated as one of the top 10 beaches of the world. It wouldn’t say it’s the great one, however really the most famous one.

If you want to experience into white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal-clean waters, you’re inside the right united states. Philippines is made up of 7,108 islands. it’s not tough to locate your dream seashore or a really perfect island over there and having it keen on yourself…

Guintinua Island is a island in the place of Camarines Norte, the usa of The Philippines with a mean elevation of nineteen meter above sea degree. The vicinity is mildly thickly populated with 489 people in line with km2 . the closest metropolis larger than 50,000 populace takes approximately three:11 hour by local transportation.

there’s a medium occurence of durations with intense drought. there’s a extraordinarily excessive risk of tropical hurricane hitting Guintinua Island.

Guintinua Island Island is drawn on the Nationala Geospatial enterprise (NGA) Map. Guintinua Island is located inside the Camarines Norte vicinity of the country of Philippines. meanwhile, The Calaguas is a collection of islands inside the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It consists of the fundamental islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as numerous other minor islands.

The Island is situated at the range and longitude coordinates of 14.42 and 122.951389. Fishing enthusiastsinterested in fishing close to or at Guintinua Island should print out the map and take it with them on their fishing experience. this will be one of the fine fishing or outside journey locations inside the regions of Asia/Pacific. Fishermen and Fisherwomen need to additionally present a comment or document on Guintinua Island to assist out their fellow anglers.

large and small excursion worker are endorsed to maintain the quiet and non violent nature of Guintinua. most small and local excursion island operators inclusive of Guintinua local etc are assisting the community to a destiny geared in the direction of a higher neighborhood eco-tourism inside the island. The only transportation going to the island is through outrigger boat from either Daet, Vinzons or Paracale.

The recent recognition of the island has delivered many vacationers and travelers alike, specially all through the summer time, demanding some of the natives and locals that might cause the damage of the island’s peace and natural virgin serenity in a couple of years’ time.

When you landed at the island, it was absolutely a major amazing. It have cool and exceptionally enchanting perspective. The shade of the water resembled painted in a campaign. Guintinua Island have extremely immersed water blue clear water. Dissimilar to when you were at the center of the sea, the water was extremely tranquil. The fine sand was exceptionally sensitive and you can’t discover earth, ocean growth or green growth gliding.


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